Depression is NOT a Disease…It Is a Choice

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Nina Stone:


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40436Robin Williams died of suicide.

Many people die of suicide every day. 

Suicide is murder–murder is wrong.

Robin Williams suffered from depression. He didn’t die because he was forced into committing suicide as a result of this so called disease. Depression is not a disease. It is a choice. A series of choices one makes throughout their life about the world around them, about themselves and about God. Yes God. Robin Williams, in my last post was quoted to say that he bowed to demonic forces to help him in his success. This is a well known fact. Many of Hollywood’s greats have sold their soul, as it were to the devil in exchange for success and fame. 

Robin Williams played with fire and got burned, now he is getting eternally burned by the wrath of God. 

Robin Williams was not a Christian. He was a loud-mouthed, dirty, rude man…

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The Fifth Seal

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In the last days, Jesus said, “You will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated of all nations because of me” (Matt. 24:9).

Are We Living In The Fifth Seal of Revelation

American Rebel or Child of God: Make Your Choice

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Nina Stone:

Excellent article!

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Americans are taught from an early age to worship rebellion.

Many American Christians wrap the flag so tightly around their Bibles, it’s impossible for them to open them.  Which makes them worthless.

It’s suspected there’s a time coming when American Christians will be forced to make a choice: either be an American rebel, fighting against the civil authorities (which the Bible expressly forbids) OR be a Christian and submit to civil authority, whether one agrees with it or not.  Americans want to have it both ways–but they will be forced to make a choice.

The Right to Resist Evil Leaders The Christian History – It’s always amusing when pretend Christians takes a whack at interpreting the Bible. Oddly enough, they almost always to try and discredit what the Bible says. This is another example of that taking place in one…

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Will the Real Christians Please Stand Up?

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This is different than probably anything I have ever written. I have wanted my writings to be a means of encouragement to those who are struggling or who need a pick-me-up. I do believe, however, that God laid this on my heart so I hope you will bear with me for this very solemn post. I am sure most of you have heard about what is happening over in Iraq; however, if you can’t handle the details, feel free to skip to the second paragraph.

I have read a couple short articles on the atrocity that has been happening in Iraq the past few days. I didn’t read more than that because, honestly, I can’t handle it. My heart is breaking for those people, however, as I pray for their strength and comfort. Many watched their children beheaded or cut in two. They had to flee their homes which have…

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Fullness of the Gentiles

July 23, 2014 § 1 Comment

This is one of the most clearest studies I’ve heard on this subject.   Fifty-nine minutes, but worth it.


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