The most accurate SCIENCE book ever…..

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It’s the sacred scriptures, the holy scriptures, God’s word, aka, the bible.

Now I’ve done it. With the title at the top, many heads have just exploded. “How the %&#@!! can you be so th2pid? Are you some kind of moron? Don’t you know that everything in that old dusty book has been proven to be outdated and untrue? Are you not furrmilyur with carbon dating and Mr. Higgs? I guess you probably believe there was a worldwide flood and that people tried to build the Burj Kalifa to reach heaven too! And the nonsensical exodus?’

Geez, where to begin. First, let me say, the word is FAmiliar. Animals have fur…So right out of the gate I have the advantage, because how we speak reveals how we pay attention to detail, thus how we process information. So an alleged ‘genius’ lectures me that I am unfurrrrmilyer……..with science and the stupidity…

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Perfect Coping Mechanism for These Dark Days

By David Ettinger

Christian Conduct
These are dark and dreary days. I speak of the pervasive sinful culture in which we live, and Bible-believing Christians know exactly what I mean.

Sadly, our response has not cast us in a good light. Some have lashed out at those they view as enemies, accusing them in most ungodly terms of stealing elections and creating pandemic mayhem. Others have surrendered to fear and anxiety – despite Jesus’ directives not to.

Yes, the times in which we live are unprecedented, but this does not give us cause for ungodly behavior. After all, Philippians 1:27 commands us to “conduct [our]selves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.”

Perhaps you are thinking, I agree. Is there a Bible passage to help me conduct myself properly? I submit for your consideration Jude 20-21:

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying…

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The Frustration of Randomness — Bareknuckle Bible

What if the ungodly are just as blessed as you, and you suffer just as much as they do? I saw a video clip last week of a gazelle giving birth in the wild.  As the baby came out and touched the ground, and I was saying, “Wow!” a leopard ran out of the bushes, […]

The Frustration of Randomness — Bareknuckle Bible