The sons of the prophets.

A Call To The Remnant

The time has come once again to hear the voice of God. through His prophets. A prophet is not cultivated but called and sent by God. One of my passions is to see God once again at the center of His church-to see Him honored and glorified in such a manner that it will push out all the things that are contrary to God. We have bred a generation that is far removed from those who have gone before us and is almost indistinguishable as being related to them. We have a generation of sons of the prophets( think of Eli) that is more interested in the accoutrements of the message than in the inner reality of the message.

How entertaining was it for Stephen to die in the presence of his enemies? How entertaining was it for the martyrs of the church to march to their martyrdom? Who was…

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ALERT: The Second Signpost May Be Only Days Away — THE FOUR SIGNPOSTS

This is an alert. I knew at some point we would likely be faced with this: the Second Signpost is at our doorstep. Over the years since 1979, the IRGC grew in strength and ability. It grew first in its military, and then in its influence over everything in Iran—its economy, its politics, and even […]

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