Mercy and Truth collide.

A Call To The Remnant

God the Father was so deeply wounded by Calvary. He was not asking His son to suffer and He would stand dispassionately by. How did God the Father suffer?? At the height of Calvary He watched His precious Son take all of our sins upon Him and crucify them for us and turned His head away. Yet He heard His Son cry out “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me.” God the Father was wounded so deeply that our minds are simply too small to even come close to understanding.

Perhaps only a parent who has watched their child suffer or die in agony can even come close to imagining the pain? And we know at that very moment, ” The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” What does the veil represent? Perhaps it represents the covering of Gods heart, His chest…

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Who questions whom?

The Age To Come

We often ask God, Why? Why do these things occur, why do good people suffer? Why have I not got what I deserved, why has he/she got something they never deserved? Why….why….why?! The Psalms speak these questions better than I ever could, and it is well – God is more than equal to our real questions and our hurting hearts.

But yet, often enclosed within is a pride in a status we do not enjoy. Job, more than anybody, had reason and standing to ask Why – and expect answers. But yet, he came to the realisation that…

‘Tell us what we should say to him;
we cannot draw up our case because of our darkness.

Job 37 v19

We cannot draw up our case, because we do not have the standing. Our darkness precludes it. Bad things do not happen to good people, because no-one is…

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Living Out PreWrath During Lawlessness

This was preached eight years ago. It is even more relevant now.

Yes, I take the prewrath stance. I used to be pre-trib, then mid-trib, but I’ve been prewrath for several years now.

However, this teaching isn’t about the prewrath doctrine, but rather about living in a time of tribulation. How do we live our lives in the times we now find ourselves? This is very good, and very much worth watching regardless of your beliefs on the second coming of Jesus.

When all is stripped away. — A Call To The Remnant

Martyrdom. Not really a popular word. Suffering, another word that is frowned upon. Yet between the two words there is a tremendous amount of power. Not the words themselves you understand, but literally suffering for the cause of Christ, and actually dying for His sake. We like to spiritualize it , and it does have […]

When all is stripped away. — A Call To The Remnant