Only Jesus…

This young girl’s video really touched my heart because she sounds a lot like I was 40 some years ago. Very shy, and worried about what people thought, and turning to alcohol to lose, or loosen up, inhibitions. She was saved a whole lot quicker than I was and our salvation experiences were a bit different- other than sitting in church and just crying and not knowing why. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

Malcolm Harris: The Spiritual Man

This unassuming man of God, who lives and teaches in homes and churches in South Africa, has recorded the most beautiful, in depth, but amazingly simple exposition of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this video, he outlines the process of salvation, what happens at each step, and how it works within the mind, soul and body. It’s such a beautiful teaching and something a person can share with their unsaved loved ones or those who are newly saved….or even with people like me who have been in the faith for years. I guarantee that you will learn something new.

God’s Judgment

I was watching Bill Randles last night on YouTube, and he said something that totally captured my interest and attention.  In the video, which I will post below, he was talking about how depraved and  heinously sinful the world has become.  How nothing (sin) is hidden anymore. He also brought up the fact that the ‘covers are being pulled back’ to reveal all the sinful deeds that men (and women) have committed and are committing.  Specifically, all the allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and rape coming out against Hollywood producers, politicians, talk show hosts, etc.

At this point, Mr. Randles said that what is going on in the world right now, all these perversions that are being revealed, the covers being ripped off, is a revelation from God. So that people won’t be surprised when judgment comes.

That idea just resonated with me for some reason.  I had never really thought about it, but it truly makes sense.  Judgment will surely come.  Like Jonah preaching to Nineveh and telling them that unless they repented then the Lord would surely bring judgment on them.  Of course, the first time they did repent, but we also know that the second time they were warned they didn’t repent, and Nineveh was destroyed.

So shall it be with America.  I’m not saying that I believe this nation will be destroyed before God actually pours his wrath out on the world, but if she is, it will be because she hasn’t repented.  In fact, the sins of this nation are only multiplying.  All one has to do to see if this is the case is to just turn on the TV.  Whether it be the news or just the garbage that passes for entertainment these days, it’s blatantly obvious that nothing has changed.  If anything, it has only gotten worse.

If that truly is the case, that God is “ripping off the covers” to reveal the sins of this nation, then He is doing it to show the people of this country why they are being, or going to be, judged.  If that is what is happening, then it would appear that it is only a short time before this country is judged.  Whether before or during the wrath remains to be seen.

I’m not stating this as fact.  Rather, it came as an idea upon watching Bill Randles’ video on YouTube, and I thought others might find it interesting if it’s something you haven’t already considered.  In any case, the video posted below is interesting, regardless of the content of this post.



This Is Incredibly Powerful…Convicting…

I am generally a skeptic when it comes to people’s dreams and visions.  But the Lord is showing me tonight that there are genuinely real ones with real messages.  This one has me weeping and repenting. If you do nothing else, PLEASE, watch this one to the end.