Only Jesus…

This young girl’s video really touched my heart because she sounds a lot like I was 40 some years ago. Very shy, and worried about what people thought, and turning to alcohol to lose, or loosen up, inhibitions. She was saved a whole lot quicker than I was and our salvation experiences were a bit different- other than sitting in church and just crying and not knowing why. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

Standing Against the Spirit of the Antichrist

Last week, instead of continuing with our overview of the Old Testament, our teacher David Nathan, deviated from the usual lesson to talk about this very important subject.

The Antichrist will soon appear, but the antichrist spirit has been in the world since the time of Jesus. Because of the increasing wickedness in the world, we need to be aware of this more than ever. We need to know how to stand against this antichrist spirit.

Time is running out and every believer, in my opinion, needs to hear and heed this teaching. It does not instill fear, but rather, it is encouraging and uplifting.

Be Prepared. It Might Be a While.

This is also my wish as I turn 60 this year – To Finish Well…

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” – Matthew 25:13

Those of you who follow this blog are probably aware that I just turned seventy. Friends may joke about being “over the hill,” but being over the hill isn’t so bad. Consider this: When you come up over the hill, the view suddenly changes. You see things you’ve never never seen before. (“Divine perspective”?)

Be Prepared. It Might Be a While – Seeking Divine Perspective (read on)

Sometimes I Forget — Reasoned Cases For Christ

What wonderful reminder… from a dear brother in Christ.

I know, one wonders how it would be possible to forget what God has done in all of our lives, but yet, especially in times of great difficulty, one can forget. Forget about that “chance” meeting that changed the course of our lives . . . Forget about God’s answers to prayer given so many […]

Sometimes I Forget — Reasoned Cases For Christ