The Narrow Walk of Faith

So beautifully said.

Reasoned Cases For Christ

The reasons we have faith in God our Father and Jesus, His Son, and God’s Holy Spirit within us, varies from person to person. As Christians we should all believe and trust in God and have a basic understanding of our need for God to save us, because we’ve come to understand that we can not save or truly change ourselves. And most of us have come to recognize that Jesus, God’s Son, was literally and physically sent to us by our heavenly Father, so that we might come to know and understand our Father better, and of necessity, have God, do for us, what we could not ever do, turn that which is unholy (being us) into being and becoming holy (like Him), made possible solely through the sacrifice of His Son. The recognition of that reality is where that which we were, is left behind, and God in…

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