Natural Immunity Works…

…according to a professor at the John Hopkins School of Medicine, in reference to Covid-19.

UPDATE: Just heard on Tucker Carlson’s show that another study has said the same thing. That natural immunity very likely is lifelong.

Of course it does! I can vouch for it myself.

Back in January of this year, I had a nasty case of Covid that lasted for a couple weeks. Thankfully, I didn’t end up in the hospital, but I believe that the steroids I take for asthma were part of the reason that I didn’t — along with the zinc, Vitamin C & D, and other stuff I was taking.

In April, my husband contracted Covid but his was a very mild case. He felt really bad for about a day, but every day got better. He was out the full ten days (as was I because of work requirements concerning Covid exposure), but went back to work without a hitch. For myself, I had to get tested after being exposed for at least six days. I tested negative to their PCR test. My husband and I never “social distanced” from each other during the time we were at home together, nor took any other precautions. I didn’t get get sick at all.

Natural immunity works, and it works great. And according to the professor in the article linked below, it might be a lifetime immunity. God didn’t make any mistake in the way he created our body to fight off diseases using our natural immunity. So, I’m going to rely on Him and this natural immunity I’m blessed with.

Here’s the link to the article>>> John Hopkins Professor Says ‘Ignore the CDC’ – “Natural Immunity Works