Some serious questions for one and all

The Lions Den

Saw my neighbor last night, that effulgent and demure moon that I call my friend. MY friend doncha know, as she is there for ME. Call it arrogant, call it presumptuous, but what would YOU call it, and why is not the moon your friend also? Serious question.


There is none other like her. She does not have a twin. She was made for the earth, not one of many, but one of one. So my unbelieving or infidelic reader, ask yourself, why are there at least NOT two moons for your viewing pleasure? If you have the lack of decency to see that her creation was NOT some random act of cosmic serendipity, then do explain why random nothingness having no intelligence was responsible for cheating the earth out of more than one moon.

Why stop here though. Why not 75% of liquid dirt instead of water and oceans…

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