Dying To Live

I shared the following on Facebook and figured, why not? I’ll share it here. I haven’t written for awhile, so please forgive any grammar mistakes.

I stumbled upon a Hallmark movie this evening about two transplant patients waiting for hearts. It struck me that someone had to die in order for them to live. What a horrible thing to consider. That you are waiting for someone else to die so that you can live.

A similar thing happened in real life many years ago. There was a man I know who lived an ordinary life, studying hard to become a teacher. But there was someone he knew who was dying because of the choices they had made in their life – someone he loved dearly who he didn’t want to die.

After much prayer and conversation with his father, he made a decision that would affect the rest of his life and all the lives of those he loved.

He gave up his very life so that his blood could give new life and new hope to this person he loved. Just like in the movie, he had to die so that someone else could live. This person he gave his life for was me.

But the really good news is that he did not stay dead. He rose from the grave and is in heaven waiting for that moment in time when he will return to earth to take me home along with everyone else who believes on Him.

His name is Jesus. The son of the living God. He was born of woman and died a sinless man as the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for our sins, and He was raised to life by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the everlasting, almighty God.

His sacrifice on the cross was to free us from the chains of sin and death. Once we repent of our sins, and believe on Him, we are born again into the Kingdom of God. And when Jesus returns to earth in the very near future, those of us who believe in Him will be given new, perfect, eternal bodies. Sin, illness, and death will no longer touch us for we will be like Him.

That time is coming very soon. We are living at the end of the age. The signs are everywhere, and prophesy is being fulfilled left and right. Are you ready for the return of Jesus?

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