Do Not Fear What They Fear (Or Talk-Show Host Drivel)

By David Ettinger


Worldly-Thinking “Christians”
Most mornings I listen to a local conservative morning talk show where the host talks primarily about national and international politics. He claims to be a “Christian,” yet whenever he discusses topics such as Covid-19, riots, President Trump, Republicans, Democrats, national security, and immigration, he talks exactly as the rest of the world talks.

I find this trait in just about every local and national conservative talk-show host who claims to be “Christian.” They zealously defend their beliefs and denounce the “other side,” but never have I heard any of these proclaimed “Christians” say anything to the effect of, “But you know what, listeners? I am not worried. We have a God who is in control and, in the end, His will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Of course there are very serious issues with which true Christians must be…

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