Hitler’s Brownshirts and ANTIFA: Similarities Are Astounding

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

To a history buff, it is glaringly obvious that ANTIFA are the new Brownshirts who helped put Hitler into power. But the irony of it will most likely be the undoing of this international terror group when the powers that be are finished with them. 

You will read in this article about the fate of the leaders of the Brownshirts, AKA Storm Troopers. Everyone was dispensable to Hitler and his Nazis. When they were finished with a group of people who obeyed Hitler’s violent commands, often times Hitler believed that these same people were capable of turning on him. So he slaughtered the leaders of these groups.

Believe it or not, the head of the Brownshirts was a well known homosexual named Ernst Röhm. It is a fact that homosexuals were slaughtered in the concentration camps. But this man was used for Hitler’s purposes before he was killed.

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