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Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it might be good to get a little perspective. At the time of writing, approximately 250,000 people have died worldwide from this disease. While this is undoubtedly a tragedy, consider that in the same time period 340,000 have died from malaria, 580,000 have died from HIV/AIDS, 2,800,000 have died from cancer and a staggering 14,600,000 have died from abortion. These are also personal tragedies.

The point being is that death is always with us. Not one of us will escape it. And, whilst we all know this truth at some level, many of us have successfully hidden it under layers of material riches. It takes this kind of event for some to wake up to the reality of our mortality, and to begin to reach out to something beyond ourselves.

The truth is that, for many of us in the First World, we do not need

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