Easter Sunday 2019…2020… Guest Post by Colin Markham


Update 2020: The world is a very different place, now, just one year after this guest post first appeared. An enemy, this one microscopic, has infected not only populations but also economies, politics, and  social structures, worldwide.

However, for those who may have forgottent for a moment, but who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and spirits to comprehend (and remember), let the timeless truth of the quiet reflection below be a reminder that Jesus Christ remains the same–“yesterday, today, and forever.”

Let the “ten-thousand foot view” of that same truth still shining through the mayhem and misery on the ground continue to soothe the soul.

The events depicted below were real.

Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday happened.

The Good News of our salvation remains.

I invite you to block out the cacophony of chaos and fear invading the air waves down here, just now, and “look up”…

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