Have We Still Not Learned To Connect the Dots?


Have We Still Not Learned To Connect the Dots?

The near total take-down of America under the guise of the Coronavirus pandemic is well underway and hardly anyone seems to be asking some serious questions as to why?  Any nation that would stop all business and shutdown the entire economy over a death count far below that of the simple flu is a mystery – that is unless you have another agenda in mind.

And what agenda might that be? While the Christian right seems to think that Donald J. Trump is a savior of the nation and a Christian, and whose “spiritual counselor” is a total apostate, was it not Israel that asked for a king instead of God to rule over them? And what happened to them for doing that? Have we not done the same thing? And what do you suppose the end result of that choice…

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One thought on “Have We Still Not Learned To Connect the Dots?

  1. Having any president is part of our constitutional republic.

    Trump gives hints that he is not in total agreement with this, and has expressed his own doubts.

    He is not a savior but one assigned to expose the corruption and darkness.

    he needs our prayers. we are in a grace period before tribulation so more people can repent.


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