America Down

I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ!

If your like me your shaking your head and asking the same questions. I could say so much. Like who is the smirky faced Doctor that stands in the press conferences? I know his name, and I know he has many credentials. I know he is supposedly a leading immunologist. I also read that he belongs to a group : The American Academy of arts and sciences. Many of you will understand that.

“The Academy’s current areas of work are Arts & Humanities, Democracy & Justice, Education, Energy & Environment, Global Affairs, and Science & Technology.”

Did you catch that? Global affairs? What I don’t know is why this one man was allowed to bring our Country to a complete shutdown. And yes I understand the China virus is serious.

I’ve watched as people scream shut it down, shut it all down. Fear has done this. I also think that…

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