L’Esperance and La Esperanza 6.0

An amazing thing has been happening. There have been a number of earthquakes 6.0 magnitude and higher near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand within the last few days, and just minutes ago another 6.3 occurred near La Esperanza, Panama. The striking similarity between the two names sent me on a search for a possible meaning. Lo and behold! It means HOPE/EXPECTATION. This cannot possibly be just a random occurrence.

What is our hope and expectation? For those of us who are born again believers, it is the second coming of Jesus Christ. I’m not saying that He’s returning tomorrow because, according to scripture, a number of things have to happen first before He makes His appearance. I’m saying this might be encouragement to those of us who believe – to not become discouraged and overwhelmed with the things going on in this world. But to look up, for He is our hope and expectation, and that redemption is drawing nigh.

Another thing that is notable is the amount of 6.0 magnitude and higher quakes occurring in the last few days. There’s been nearly one a day for since June 18th and today alone there were three 6.0+ earthquakes. (6.2, 6.3, 6.4) Definitely like birth pangs, don’t you think?

(My earthquake information comes from an earthquake app called QuakeFeed. I have it set to notify me of any earthquakes 6.0 magnitude and higher around the world.)


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