Burgess Owens: Righteous Indignation – Democratic Party Should Pay For All the Misery It Brought to My Race

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

And he is right.

God is waking up many in the Black community to the truth about what has been done for decades against them by the Democratic Party; including 40% of Black babies – 20 million of them murdered in the womb!

Satan is very devious and tricky. He has most of the world believing that the Dems have been the Party for the Blacks and for Israel. Neither is true.

From pjmedia.com

Burgess Owens on Reparations: ‘How About the Democratic Party Pay for All the Misery It Brought to My Race?’

WASHINGTON — Burgess Owens, an author and former NFL Player who was a witness at a congressional subcommittee hearing on reparations, suggested that the Democratic Party should pay “restitution” for the “misery” it brought to his race in the past.

Burgess was referring to members of the Democratic Party who supported slavery in the Civil War era…

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