Growing Without Direction

Into the Foolishness of God

I don’t rely on the USA Today for my news or opinions, so I missed this snazzy little article the other day proclaiming that a great “revelation” has occurred in American churches that is bringing “joy and happiness” to millions! Sadly, this revelation is being met with “resistance and retrenchment” by others though, throwing a real wrench in the works.

The great discovery, according to the article, is that although we have been sincere in our beliefs, we have been misguided into actually accepting everything the Bible teaches. The author of course, pulls out all the usual Old Testament examples, citing that we no longer impost the death penalty on adulterers or Sabbath breakers. It’s not that the Bible isn’t clear, it’s just that it’s been wrong this whole time. In this case, the revelation spoken of is simply a cultural shift that says we are more enlightened now than…

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