The Stirring

Into the Foolishness of God

“Aren’t we quick to jump toward Jesus but slow to walk the journey out with Him?When He asks, “What do you want?” Jesus is asking us, What do you really want for your life, because you have to know this going in. You can’t just follow Me without understanding what following Me means, and at some point you have to stop being constantly stirred but never compelled enough to take action. Do you want the now life? Or do you want Me more than anything else? Having Me will be the greatest fulfillment of your life, but fulfilling doesn’t always mean pain-free. Do you want to be the normal, everyday person who is flawed and doesn’t have life all together but watches God do amazing things through your life?Godhelpus,thisistough,butwecannotcontinuetodiponlyourtoeinthepooloffaith,teasingGod,notbeingseriousaboutHim.”LisaWhittle/IWantGod

When I was a teen, by best friend and I would get each other new journals for the new year. It…

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