The absolute necessity of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

A Call To The Remnant

The Holy Spirit is David’s indignation, His courage, His sling and his stone. The Holy Spirit is the staff of Moses, the strength of Samson and the words of Isaiah. He is the fire from heaven that consumes the sacrifice of Elijah. He is the fire that goes before the Israelites in the desert night and the cloud that covered them by day. He is the fire that surrounds the saints heart as they lift up the name of Jesus. He is the courage of a million martyrs down through the ages. He is the spiritual song they sing as the mortal flames deliver them to immortality. He is the breath that is breathed into Adam’s lungs.

He is the one who leads and guides me into all truth. He is the presence in the dungeon that encourages Paul and Silas to sing the praises of Jesus even in the…

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