Coming out of the closet

When I posted this last night, I should have put an explanation with it. Here it is.

Recently, I was introduced to the idea of the Earth actually being flat. Like many others, my reaction was, “Are you crazy??? Everyone knows the earth is round!! These people are lunatics!” There was no way I was going to watch the video that was posted by a friend. Although my mind was made up, I found myself clicking on it and watching it anyway. Thirty minutes in, though, I shut it off convinced this guy was crazy. But I had seen enough that my curiosity was piqued.  I watched a couple other videos that were sent to me and then I went back to the original one.

Then I saw the Bible verses confirming what I was listening to and watching.  Genesis 1:1-19 suddenly became clear as day explaining exactly how God created this wonderful earth we live on. The very first thing He created was the heavens and the earth. WHAT?? The heavens and the EARTH came BEFORE light and dark was even created? The EARTH came BEFORE the sun and the moon? The EARTH came BEFORE God put the stars in the firmament?  But how can that be if, as we have been told, that the big bang created the universe and in the process our poor pitiful little earth is just a random piece of luck?

These questions and many more just started flowing. I watched more videos and read more articles and within a couple days I knew that this IS the truth. The Bible confirms it from the very beginning clear through to the very end. I don’t know how many verses there actually are about this whole subject, but someone said that it’s somewhere in the hundreds.  If the Bible is confirming this truth, how can I deny it?  Let God be true, and every man a liar.

But it’s not only the Bible confirming this truth. There is a lot of stuff out there that doesn’t make sense. Like, how could a world full of nations come together in 1959 and sign a treaty that is the longest lasting one in history. Think Antarctica. It’s next to impossible to visit this country. What are they hiding? Perhaps the edges of the firmament where it meets up with the earth? Google Antarctic Treaty, Admiral Byrd, Operation High Jump, and see what you find. Also, look up Operation Fishbowl. Very interesting things going on in the late 50’s early 60’s.

The most influential factors that swayed me over were the Bible verses, the firmament, lack of curvature of the earth,the Antarctic Treaty, and the Polaris star. There are many, many other observable experiments and arguments confirming a flat earth that have strengthened my belief in it.

The greatest gift I have received out of all this, though, is the fact that God has been brought physically closer to this wonderful earth that He created and closer to me. He is literally sitting above the earth, on his throne, his feet resting upon the footstool of the earth. The thought makes me giddy with joy!

You have to ask yourself, If flat earth is true, why have the governments of the world concealed it from us? The answer is simple. To keep people thinking that they are just an random act of evolution with no hope for anything more than a pitiful existence on an insignificant ball of dust in the midst of an endless universe. God is dead…so they want us to think.

Regardless of how crazy you may think this is, please just take a look. It doesn’t hurt a thing and you might find yourself incredibly blessed. I know I am.

Here is the original video that I mentioned above: (see below)

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      1. A flat earth, and other nonsense
        Debunking ideas that would not exist were it not for the Internet
        by Robert Carter and Jonathan Sarfati

        Hope you will read this Nina!


          1. So Eileen, can I ask you a few simple questions? I asked another friend who used to frequent my blog until I started posting this “nonsense”, as you put it, these same questions, but never heard back from her.

            Have you been in “space”? Have you ever flown in a plane? Have you touched the firmament or at least gone high enough to prove there isn’t one? Have you traveled to Antarctica to prove that it is actually just another continent on the bottom side of a round earth? Have you done any research at all one way or the other? You see, Nina is wise. She didn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. She wisely and maturely did her research and humbly admitted she was wrong and changed. This is one of the most amazing marks of a true believer in Christ. Humility. How about you? Are you humble and mature enough to admit that you might be wrong?


          2. You know what they say, Eileen, Once you go flat you never go back. :D Seriously, though, this is more than about the earth being flat. It’s about the fact that we the people, around the world, have been lied to for 500 years more or less – exponentially so in the last several decades – and not just about the shape of the earth. It’s been a constant brainwashing from the powers that be that anything and everything the Bible says is false. If they can convince people that the word of God cannot be trusted, thus making God irrelevant, people think they can do anything they want without any consequences now or in the afterlife, if they believe in such a thing. The evil in this world pours doubt and hopelessness into the hearts of people. Why do you think suicide has become such an epidemic? It’s all a part of satan’s plan to convince people they have nothing to live for or that they can live however they want. Just take God out of the equation. How do they do that? By taking God out of our immediate universe.

            In the flat earth model, God is literally seated above the firmament and his feet resting upon the footstool (dome) of the earth. We appear to him like grasshoppers on the earth. (Don’t recall the actual verse but it’s in the old Testament.) If the world is an enclosed flat earth system, God becomes very real and it’s much harder for satan to convince people that God isn’t real. I highly suggest you read Genesis 1:1-10 and 13-19. Take into account the ORDER of creation. Let God’s word be true and every man a liar. The Bible is loaded with verses concerning the earth, the firmament, etc.

            Don’t let preconceived ideas, teachings, and dare I say brainwashing that we can all lay claim to, stop you from searching for the truth. It’s as close as your fingertips. Trust me. I know what you are feeling and thinking. I was solidly planted right where you are now. The only difference is that I dared to take that first step into looking into something I had scoffed at since I first heard about it.

            I believe God has laid it upon your heart, that hunger for the truth, or you wouldn’t be doing the exact same thing I did to Paul. I scoffed at the idea of a flat earth, but he challenged me to take a look at it. I’m challenging you to do the same. Just take a look. What you decide to believe or not is totally your decision. It affects me in no way. But I believe that if you will just take that chance that you will discover just how freeing it is to know this truth. The way I view God has changed. He’s literally RIGHT THERE above me!! I can very easily picture him now rolling that firmament up like a scroll at his VERY soon return when every eye will surely see him…WITHOUT the aid of a television or other technology. My heart just fills with joy talking about it. It’s just beyond description how this has changed my life. People are getting saved because of this flat earth model. How awesome is that?!!!

            Many blessings to you, Eileen, regardless of what you choose to do. :)

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  1. Well done Nina! What an amazing video. Hopefully those who rail against such an uncomfortable truth will take time, as you did and prayerfully consider that perhaps they also have been lied to all these years.

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  2. Hello, I found your post through Paul’s blog. Good post. Like you, I once thought it was lunacy. It has turned into an amazing blessing.

    I hope it’s ok I share this, but here are a few videos I have really enjoyed.

    Dean Odle has many wonderful FE videos…I don’t agree with him in other areas of theology but his FE info is great.

    Will at the Truth is Stranger than Fiction is another favorite. Here are a couple of my favorites of his.

    And Jeremy James has several excellent Bible studies.

    God bless…

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    1. Question: what do you think about all this Nephilim stuff? After reading a couple of Jeremy James’ articles I find myself agreeing with him concerning the extrabiblical books (Book of Enoch, etc) and the nephilim.

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      1. I love Jeremy James!!!!! Cool. I’ve not run across anyone else who knows about him. Do you listen to Mr. E?

        Honestly about the nephilim I’m mixed. I only use the KJV and that word is not in it. In Gen. 6 it’s giants. I think Gen. 6 is about fallen angels, in my totally humble unknowing opinion lol…something happened there I believe…but I do not buy into all the Tom Horn UFO stuff, that is concerning. Plus I’ve noticed some odd hand signs from him, LA Marzuilli, some others, which makes me wonder what their true affiliation is. I’d have to reread the posts on this topic, but I think I was in fair agreement with him.

        After years of internal debate I ordered Enoch and Jasher and they came yesterday. Purely historical and I’ve heard Enoch has some interesting Flat Earth references. Which is why I decided to get the first book only. But definitely not on level with Scripture. I guess if I find they’re way off I will toss them.

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        1. I’ve not heard of Mr. E.

          A long time ago, I used to read LA Marzulli’s blogs, but it got too strange for me. Too far-fetched.

          I recently downloaded a copy of the book of Enoch and started reading it. It’s definitely interesting so far in relation to flat earth and how everything works. Makes total sense, but I haven’t gotten any further into it yet. Definitely not a Biblical book, but like you said, historically it’s interesting.

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          1. More and more I hear Christians reading Enoch. Very interesting read. I never thought that once God opened my eyes to the reality of living on a flat earth with His throne just above us, would lead to so much revelation! It’s been amazing!

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