On Desperately Seeking the REAL Jesus–You Are Not Alone


Phyllis Beveridge Nissila

Do any of the believers quoted below sound familiar? Maybe they’re you (excerpts taken from 5 years ago in the comment section of a video of a sermon by A.W. Tozer entitled “Holy Spirit: Why Some Can’t Receive Him”)?

  • WHERE (does one find a Bible believing church)?! I am in NC and I have no problem finding the carnal, socialized churches that promote rainbow teas, hat competitions, and other meaningless functions that people in “church” attend. I am hungry for real prayer meetings and serious study of the word but there is no where for me to find this. The last attempt I ended up at a church where the pastor preached about how many cars she owned. I was so blown away that I couldn’t even get up to leave. I am praying to be lead to the right one.
  • My husband and I have the…

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