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This is a WordPress repost that I just had to share with you. It’s from the Stand To Reason blog site. Take the time to read it and listen to it, trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


There are seasons of life that are really hard. My family is going through one right now. In the last month, we have been hit with the death of my grandpa, a painful autoimmune disease in my four-year-old daughter, the discovery of a large four-inch mass on my father-in-law’s spine, and the serious prospect of pancreatic cancer in my uncle. We’re getting hit hard. But I don’t think we’re unique. Many people go through periods like this.

During this painful season, we have been praying fervently. Unfortunately, we are not seeing the miraculous healings we are asking for.

These kinds of experiences have caused some to doubt God’s ability to…

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  1. When God decides to move in a family, sometimes He brings hell on earth. Fortunately, it will be the only hell we ever experience. When God stretches, tests, breaks and saves, it’s always painful, but always for His glory,

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