Why be ordinary?

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Received a compliment the other day, some folks said that ‘ordinary Christians don’t believe the crap that I do.’ Of course the implication is that I believe things in scripture that other believers do not, thus marking myself with other tunalics. And what pray tell are some of these monstrosities?

I’ll volunteer a few, and happily so. But first, let me point out that many unbelievers are delighted when they can pit one believer against another, and by so doing, assume that differing opinions invalidate the whole warp and woof of scripture. I see this all the time, and I do not take the bait while many others do.

If folks are on the same train with me going to Seattle, I’m ok with that. I don’t have to sit with them though, but I’m thankful we have the same destination. Christian maturity understands that all are not at the…

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