Blessing in a Time of Cursing

This goes along with the other post I just reblogged. Truly, a lesson for me if for no one else.

Heaven Bound

Image result for rain drops on meadow“They may curse but you will bless …” Psalm 109:28

Is there anything quite as refreshing as an early morning or late afternoon rain shower? Just when it seems the day couldn’t get any hotter or the dust any thicker dark clouds gather on the horizon and the heavens burst forth with delicious, cooling, wetter than wet rain. This is what blessing does. It brings refreshment to the soul and hope for the weary; breaking up and softening even the hardest ground in order that the seed might yield its fruit.

It’s a crazy world we live in these days. Secularism, materialism, and neo paganism have hardened hearts toward the things of God unlike anything most of us have seen before. And like any hard ground it is going to take some effort if it is ever going to bear fruit. And for this reason we must guard against becoming hardened…

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