A short course in Isaiah. Chapter 13 – The message about Babylon.

A voice in the wilderness

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Isaiah 13:1 NET. This is a message about Babylon that God revealed to Isaiah, son of Amoz:

My first question is, what do we know about Isaiah?

While this may not seem important to others, I believe that knowing something of Isaiah’s background might answer important questions and possibly give me an understanding about this religious garbage that was thrown at me, in an attempt to convince me that Isaiah quoted from some Babylonian mythology. I suppose then that we should not take the things Isaiah said so seriously. As a side note: If I can discredit Isaiah in one area, then perhaps he should be disregarded in all other aspects as well, such as chapter 53 where he describes the horrendous price the Messiah would pay.

Pastor John MacArthur tells us that, “Isaiah is quoted directly in the NT over…

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Dear Pastor

By the Blood of the Lamb

Dear Pastor,

I’m writing not to offend, but rather to respectfully inquire. Please don’t take offense to my questions, for I am a humble servant of God with no formal education in religion. You see sir, I have not been to seminary, nor have I been trained to read and love C.S. Lewis, as this seems to be a prerequisite for modern day preachers. I am a common man with a career and a family, reading my bible daily, and praying for the Holy Spirit to give me discernment and lead me in the paths of righteousness.

While I do find your personality to be charming and your sermons to be quite entertaining, I do have a few burning questions. I say burning because week after week these questions arise during the course of Sunday worship service and completely distract me from worshipping in your congregation. I’ve tried to relax…

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AoG Pastor Changes to Sabbath and Feast Observance. Why?


Following is a terrific video of Assemblies of God Pastor Scott Hillman humbly and compassionately giving testimony of why and how he and most of his congregation began keeping Shabbat and the Feasts of the Lord.  Interestingly, after many questions and deep discussion, his denomination allowed him to stay and Hillman reveals that he is not alone.  Apparently, there are a number of AoG congregations that have begun to take all of God’s Word seriously.

He is not alone.  I have recently heard that there are more than 100 Southern Baptist Missionaries who self identify as Messianic and walk as the Messiah did, keeping Sabbath, eating clean and keeping Feasts.  I personally know several pastors, one Southern Baptist, who have made the switch in the last year.

Our Father is doing something amazing in our day.  He is bringing His people back to the fullness of Truth and causing them…

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