JIHAD: Guerrilla Warfare on Steroids

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


My husband is a Vietnam veteran. He has told me stories of his time there as a LRRP. All of his stories were extremely unnerving, but the ones about the Viet Cong were the scariest.

He told me that many of the guerrilla fighters would work for the base during the day,  and shoot at them at night. They really did not know if a person was a friend or the enemy.

My husband said that they had a barber who used to cut the unit’s hair, and shave their necks with a straight razor.  This man disappeared and after a week they found out that he was an NVA captain and was killed trying to get through their perimeter.

The Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino was a blatant act of war against America.  The jihadist couple had raised the suspicions of neighbors but the police never received any calls…

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